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Vineyard Services

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    Grape Harvesting

    Harvest usually begins late January and ends mid to late April. It can be an intense, but exciting time of year, as a lot of grapes tend to ripen at the same time. LGVS is able to manage your harvest bookings if needed.  Harvesting times, cartage and winery bookings can all be organised via us.

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    Cover Cropping and Permanent Pasture

    Cover Cropping and permanent pasture in vineyards builds organic matter and improves soil health. This work commences after harvest from mid April through to late May. Soil aeration is recommended through the use of the Yeoman plow.

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    Straw Mulch Undervine

    Have you ever wondered why vines don’t seem to respond to irrigation during extreme heat events? One of the biggest benefits of straw mulch is that it helps retain soil moisture.

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    Bulk Spreading

    Soil tests and plant leaf analysis are carried out. Trace element and nutrient recommendations are based on these tests. We are then able to broadcast the products required at specific rates to deliver a beneficial result.

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    Compost and Mulch banding Undervine

    Banding compost under-vine often occurs in conjunction with our straw mulch program. The compost becomes a food source for soil microbes when applied under the straw mulch. Compost lasts much longer as it is protected from the rapid breakdown than can occur when exposed directly to sunlight.

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    Post Knocking

    Whether it’s knocking in posts and strainers for a new vineyard development or simply replacing any broken posts in an established vineyard, LGVS has the equipment to manage the task.  

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    Herbicide Spraying

    Controlling weeds when they are small is so much easier than trying to control them when they are large and woody. By doing so you use less herbicide and they are easier to control this way. A weed that is controlled the first time won’t develop resistance.

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    Fungicide Spraying

    Fungicide spraying is a very important part of managing a vineyard. Timely spays are paramount to achieving clean fruit at harvest time. The spray season commences in August and ends in January. The weather and season play a huge part as to how many sprays each vineyard receives.

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    We have the mowing option to either side through the covercrop undervine as a mulch or slash and leave the covercrop in the midrow. Slashing the covercrop puts important organic matter back into the vineyard, further improving soil structure.

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    Tractors and Front-end Loaders

    LGVS operate using all Fendt Vario tractors, maintaining them to the highest standard. We are able to operate in vineyards with a minimum of 2.5 metre row spacing.

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    Vine Trimming

    Trimming the vines is important in maintaining a vineyard. The lower vine shoots are trimmed at an angle to increase spray penetration into the canopy. It can also minimise cane breakage from tractor tyres.

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    The TracMap GPS System is central to our whole vineyard contracting enterprise, which we adopted in October 2013. It is now being used in conjunction with all of our vineyard services. TracMap is a GPS system from which all vineyard activities are organised.

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    Vineyard Management

    Full Vineyard Management includes...

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    Soil Test and Plant Leaf Analysis

    We appoint an agronomist to carry out soil tests and plant leaf analysis on all of the vineyards we manage. The results we get from these tests allow us to make key decisions as to what nutrients and trace elements to apply in your vineyard.

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