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Fungicide Spraying

Fungicide spraying is a very important part of managing a vineyard. Timely sprays are paramount to achieving clean fruit at harvest time. The spray season commences in August and ends in January. The weather and season play a huge part as to how many sprays each vineyard receives. In dry years disease pressure is low so 3 to 5 sprays per season is acceptable. In wetter years 6 to 8 sprays is recommended.

All LGVS sprayers are calibrated correctly and operators are fully licensed. Recent studies suggest spraying straight after pruning for Etypa and also before budburst for mites. The FMR SP3000RT Recycling sprayer reduces spray chemical usage at the start of the season by 70% averaging out to 30% for the whole spray season through the drift recovery and recycling process. A Hardi 3000L fungicide sprayer is also available. Both sprayers have hydraulic terrace adjustment.

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